How to Connect Products in Persistent Menu


  1. Sales Channels
  2. Customize Facebook Messenger
  3. View List of Connected Facebook Pages
  4. Select your Facebook Page
  5. Enable Get Started
  6. Enable Persistent Menu.
  7. Edit Menu Type
  8. Select Product Catalog.
  9. Save Menu Name
  10. Log in to Facebook page
  11. Go to Managed Pages
  12. Select Preferred Facebook Page
  13. Go to Settings under Manage Page
  14. Select Advanced Messaging Options
  15. Look for white-listed domains
  16. Add and Save.
Requirements: Before starting this please complete the FB Messenger setup first.

Steps to Connect Products to Persistent Menu

1. Go to Sales Channels

2. Hover on the FB messenger card and click on Customize.

If your Facebook page is not yet connected, the Customize button will not appear.

3. Click on the drop-down in the Connect your Facebook Page Section. It should show the lists of available FB pages.

4. Select your Facebook Page and Edit Current Template

5. Scroll down to the Get Started Section and enable Get Started.

Warning : Get Started and Ice Breakers cannot be enabled at the same time.

6. Scroll down to Persistent Menu Section and enable Persistent Menu.

7. On the right side of the menu type, click on the edit icon.

8. Click on the Menu Type Dropdown, and Select Product Catalog.

9. Click on the Menu Title Field and insert your desired menu name and Save.

10. Login to your Facebook Account

11. On the left side of your screen, click on pages. it should redirect you to the lists of Pages you manage.

12. Click on your connected Facebook Page. It should redirect you to your FB Page.

13. On the left side of your screen under Manage Page, scroll down and click on settings.

14. On the left side of your screen under Page Settings, search for Advanced Messaging and click on the Advanced Messaging Option

15. Under Advanced Messaging Display, scroll down until or search (Ctrl + F) White-listed Domains.

16. Under White-listed Domains paste in the input field and save.

Result: Your customers would now be able to see a Persistent Menu in your chatbox that will display your Products upon menu click

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