How to Setup Facebook Messenger Inbox


  1. Log in to Prosperna
  2. Go to Social Channels
  3. Click Add Channel under Facebook Messenger
  4. Log in to Facebook Account
  5. Continue
  6. Select your preferred Facebook shop
  7. Toggle Yes on the checklist
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Click on the FB messenger icon.
Note: You can only use 1 Facebook account per Prosperna Account.

Steps to Setup Facebook Messenger Inbox

1. Log in to your Prosperna Account

2. On the left navigation, click on the inbox icon (Social Channels).

3. Hover on the Facebook Messenger Card and click on the + Add Channel.

4. Login your Facebook Account

5. Click on continue.

6. Select one of your FB shop and click on next.

7. Toggle all as Yes in the list and click on done.

8. Click on OK.

9. Click on the FB messenger icon

Result: You should now be able to see your FB shop messages in your Prosperna inbox

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