How to Share a Product on Social Media


  • Share via Merchant Inventory (backend)
  • Share via Products Page (online store)
  • Share Via Individual Listing Page (online store)
Note: You have to have an existing product and account to fulfill this feature

Sharing your products across multiple social media platforms is a great way to market your products as most people are online almost all the time! This is also a great way to increase traffic to your website.

3 Ways to Share Your Products on Social Media

Option 1 - Merchant Inventory

1. Open your products page and select "Inventory".
2. Click on the "share icon" for the social media platform choices to show.

Once you have decided on where to share your product; You should be redirected to that social media platform of your choice to complete the posting.

Option 2 - Products Page

Go to your store and click on the "share icon" on your products page and select your desired social media platform to share all your products in.

Option 3 - Individual Listing Page

You can select a certain product and have a "single product page view". Below the Product image, you will find the social media icons that you can choose from.

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