How to use Messenger's Ice Breaker feature


  1. Log in to Prosperna 
  2. Go to Social Channels 
  3. Customize Facebook Messenger 
  4. Select your Connected Facebook Page 
  5. Toggle the Ice Breaker Feature 
  6. Log in to Facebook 
  7. Go to Facebook Page 
  8. Open Chatbox 
  9. Refresh and view the updated chatbox
Note: You must complete the Fb Messenger Setup first. Enabling Get Started disables Ice Breakers and vice versa.

The "Ice Breakers" provide a way for potential customers to connect with a business, using a list of frequently asked questions.

Steps to Setup Ice Breakers On Messenger

1. Under Settings, go to Social Channels

2. Click Customize, under Messenger

3. Select your Facebook Page

4. Click on Edit Current Template

5. Enable Ice Breakers by Toggling the button

6. Insert your Ice Breaker questions and answers then click Save

7. Log in to the Facebook account of your selected page.

8. Open your Facebook page chat box.

If you have a current test conversation you must delete it. 

If you do not have a previous conversation proceed to Step 9.

  • Open the chat box on Facebook page/shop.
  • On the chat box header, click on the name to enable chat settings.
  • Click on Delete conversation
  • Refresh your Facebook page, and open your chat box.

9. Refresh and view the updated chatbox

If you enable the Ice Breaker option you should be able to see the created Questions as buttons and will reply with the answers once clicked.

Result: The questions you put will appear when a client tries to send you a message on your Facebook page. When they select a question, the corresponding answer you set will appear in the chat box.

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