myStore User Guide: The First 30 Days

New to Prosperna? Here’s an easy-to-digest list of the Top 3 things to do in your first month of signing up.

Since our inception in 2020, over 2,000+ Philippine MSMEs have trusted Prosperna to help get their business online. From restos & cafes to health & beauty social sellers, to fashion and apparel brands, as well as gadgets and almost anything you can think of.

We’re happy you’re here.

Thank you for choosing Prosperna and welcome to the #ProsperNation!

You’ve seen the power of eCommerce and how consumers have flocked from in-store purchases to online shopping. Digitizing your business is essential to all brands in reaching new markets and making work simple. And most of all, without requiring any technical knowledge or breaking the bank.

With Prosperna, there’s an all-in-one solution for small and medium enterprises, such as yourself to:

  • Enhance your brand with an eCommerce website
  • Market and sell on multiple social channels
  • Organize online transactions, accept payment and automate fulfillment

This guide here will help you set up your account and online store so you can start growing your business online. 

What to do with Prosperna in your first month of use

  • Digitize Your Brand & Business

At the start of your eCommerce journey, bring everything you do in-person and by hand online. 

Doing that alone makes your job a lot easier, faster, and more efficient. And we mean a lot!

No more pen and paper, manual calculations, and physical contact required.

In this section, we’ll focus on the appearance of your website, customization, and must-haves for your soon-to-launch online store.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Upload your logo to set a unique identity for your business and make your brand stand out.
  • Add banners. Banners are the images found at the top of your web pages. Choose the best high-quality images that reflect your brand’s identity.
  • Link your social media pages and stay connected with your customers. Doing this will make your business more accessible to the sites they frequently use.
  • Add your contact details and address so that clients can easily get in touch with you or visit your store.
  • Set up the email recipient of new order notifications and contact form messages.
  • Share client testimonials to show social proof. This builds your credibility and strengthens your reputation.
  • Add taglines to leave a good impression. Use short, relevant, and impactful lines to make your business on top of your customer's minds.
  • Add details on the About Page. Share your brand’s mission, vision, values, and founding story to build connection and trust.
  • Publish relevant blogs. Engaging and relevant content helps drive traffic to your website and increases your SEO ranking. Plus, it builds credibility and expertise.
  • Activate guest checkout to allow customers to buy products on your website without having to sign up for an account.

Once you’re done here, your website should start looking more personalized.

Tip: The key to successful branding is CONSISTENCY.  Your logo, design, story, and content are just pieces of what makes your brand. Be sure to understand what your brand is all about so you can consistently communicate this on all customer touchpoints.
  • Upload Your Products & View Your Store

After setting up your storefront, it’s time to stock up on your inventory.

Brick and mortar stores know the horror of having to plan where to place your products and needing lots of storage and display space separately.

With an eCommerce platform, everything is done on one device and you don’t have to worry about not having enough storage because you just have to sit and press a few buttons to get it up and running.

Uploading a product is super easy, but the number of products you can upload depends on your subscription plan. 

Need to upgrade so you can upload more products? 

Check out our other packages here or send us an email at to talk to sales.

This section focuses on setting up your product catalog, as well as payment and shipping options, so you could finally launch your online store. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Products Management 

  • Understand categories to help you organize and identify the classifications of your products.
  • Add a category and group your products accordingly to make it easier for customers to shop at your store.
  • Add variants if your product comes in different types, such as color and size, so your customers know that there are different options to choose from.
  • Add your products and put all the necessary information to give your customers a great online shopping experience. You may download our CSV template for bulk uploads here. But, if you only have a few products to post, you can also opt for manual product creation.
  • Upload photos that are high quality. This is how your customers can experience your product virtually so make sure to show different angles and perspectives.

Order Management, Payment & Shipping Integration 

Finished already? Your website is now ready to Go-Live!

  • Sending Support Tickets

In any business, especially online, we can’t forget about the human touch.

Customers look for that sense of belonging and connection, even when it comes to which brands they follow and support.

The same goes with Prosperna, so if you haven’t already come and joined the Facebook Community - meet fellow social sellers and entrepreneurs such as yourself.

In the process of building your online store or even after your launch, there may be instances when you might experience errors on your website, have some questions or clarifications, and need more assistance. 

Our Customer Success Team is ready to help you! 

This section highlights what you need to know about support tickets and how to send one. 

What is a Sprint? 

A sprint is a time-boxed period, during which our development team works to complete requests and fix website issues sent through support.

Priority Tagging 

Tickets that come in the support email are tagged according to severity if it is a website issue or scope of work if it is a request. This helps us identify the timeline of completion. 

Low to medium tickets are mostly focused on UI & UX enhancements and could take up to a maximum of 10-14 days to resolve. 

Those that are experiencing functional errors are tagged as high priority and our support team will focus on resolving the issue within 12-48 hours. 

The table below shows the functional errors based on our Service Level Agreement.

Why does it take up to a maximum of 10-14 days? 

While we like to move with speed, we do so as we prioritize quality service to all of our customers. 

Our developers need ample time to review, plan, implement and test your request to ensure the readiness of the enhancement. 

What can you send? 

  • Website Bugs & Error: 
    • Error Message on Site Pages 
    • Website Downtime and Session Timeout 
    • Missing Features and Options from the Back End 
  • Website Issues: 
    • Payment 
    • Shipping 
    • Integrations 
  • Inquiry and Knowledge Base Questions: 
    • “How-To” Questions. 
    • “Can-We” Questions 

How to Send Support Tickets 

  • Start A Marketing Campaign

Well there’s only so much you can automate with technology on a tight budget, and just because you have an online store doesn’t mean that customers will just start coming in from nowhere.

You have to spread the word and launch marketing promotions so they can know more about your brand and what you sell.

It can be as simple as sharing a product link on your social media pages.

But if you're a budding social seller and you have access to customer information, then you can add leads to your Prosperna account and send your campaigns from there.

To go one step even further you can even filter them by tags to segregate where each lead comes from.

Then, to make direct contact with your customers you can send them your marketing and sales campaign via SMS and email inside Prosperna!

Need more help?

Watch training videos on our YouTube channel - or sign up for our Training Webinars to get real-time support.

Email us with your inquiries at or chat with us by clicking the Help or Chat icon on the lower-right corner of your Prosperna Dashboard.

Achieve more with Prosperna

Achieving eCommerce success still takes work. It’s a matter of making the most out of your available resources and consistency in finding ways to improve.

There’s so much more you can do with Prosperna, but we hope this guide helps you in getting started down the right path in your first 30 days.

Again, thank you for choosing Prosperna, and welcome to the #ProsperNation - we’re excited to see you succeed in eCommerce.

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