How to Change Domain

Changing your domain customizes your URL, so when someone enters your web address on a browser, this leads to your Prosperna website/online store.

You can acquire a personalized domain through a third-party provider, and that's where you can manage your settings, pay a subscription, and maintain and renew your domain account.

A domain is a website name that is typed in the address bar of a browser. It is also sometimes referred to as a web address.

This can be a combination of letters and numbers and can be used in combination with the various domain name extensions such as .com, .net, and more.
A URL (aka Universal Resource Locator) is a complete web address used to find a particular web page. While the domain is the name of the website, a URL will lead to any one of the pages within the website.
Caution: Unexpected behavior can occur if you use third-party proxies. Prosperna is not responsible for any loss of information. You won't be able to access your Prosperna site until the domain change in the third-party domain provider is set.

Steps to change your Prosperna domain to a third-party domain

  1. Log in to Prosperna Marketplace
  2. Go to My Products
  3. Under the Actions Column, click the ellipsis
  4. Select Change Domain
  5. Enter your custom domain
    1. This will only work for a domain you own/purchased.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Make sure your domain leads to your Prosperna website.

Set up your existing domain to connect to Prosperna Sites

If you've purchased your domain through a third party, then you need to edit the following DNS settings:

  • Your @ A record should point to Prosperna Sites' IP address, which is
  • Your www CNAME record should point to

Editing these domain settings might have an effect on other things, such as email forwarding. You can contact your domain provider to find out how any changes might affect your DNS settings.

Note: If your domain is already associated with an A record when you edit your DNS settings, point your A record to Prosperna Sites' IP address, then remove the old A record.


  1. Log in to the account you have with your domain provider.
  2. Find your DNS settings. Look for your domain management area, DNS configuration, or similar.
  3. Edit your @ A record should point to Prosperna Sites' IP address
  4. Save the A Record (click Save, Save Zone File, Add Record, or similar).
  5. Find the CNAME record in your DNS settings.
  6. Change your www CNAME record to point to Often, you need to provide just the prefix without the dot, but for some domain providers you need the whole subdomain. Use the existing entries as a guide, or follow your provider's instructions. Save the records (usually by clicking Save or Add record or similar).

Now you need to verify your connection with Prosperna Sites.

Verify your connection in Prosperna Sites

Click Verify connection in your Prosperna Sites admin panel to confirm that your custom domain has been connected to your store.

Note: It might take up to 48 hours for your custom domain to point to your Prosperna site. If you have problems or need help setting your third-party domain, you can reach out to your provider.

What to tell your third-party provider

Your third-party domain provider is familiar with the terms related to domains. When you call your provider for support, you can tell them that:

  • you want your root domain (your A record) to point to Prosperna Sites' IP address, which is
  • you want your www subdomain (your CNAME records) to point to
Note: If you want to set up email forwarding, then you can also tell your third-party provider that you want to use their email client (if they have one) and need to configure your MX records.

Third-party domain providers

If you own a domain from one of the following providers, then click the link to get specific instructions for connecting your domain:

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