How to Upload Blogs


  1. Blog
  2. Create
  3. Write
  4. Publish

Having blogs on your online store comes with a number of advantages - increasing website traffic, improving SEO, building customer relationships, and promoting brand awareness.

Steps to Upload Blogs

1. Go to the Blog tab

2. Click Create Tab

3. Fill in the required fields

  • Edit
    • Title - what your article is called
    • Slug - the end of the link address that leads traffic to your blog page
    • Content - the information inside your blog
  • Manage
    • Draft Mode - saves your blog without publishing on the website
    • Published On - date and time can be set or scheduled
    • Excerpt - summary of what the blog is about
    • Featured Image - thumbnail for the blog post (ratio - 16:9)
    • Category - set where your blogs will appear based on category grouping
  • SEO
    • Meta Title - how the blog title will appear on search engine results
    • Meta Description - short description of the blog in 160 characters
    • Keyword - words or short phrases used to make the blog search easier
    • Share Image - If you want to override the image used on Facebook for this post, upload / choose an image here. The recommended image size for Facebook is 1200 by 630 pixels.

4. Once you're done, click Create to publish

Result: Your blog will appear on the Blog page of your online store.

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