How to Create & Assign Variants


  1. Go to Products
  2. Select a Variant Type
    1. Color
    2. Size
    3. Type 1-3
  3. Fill in the fields
  4. Create
  5. Select or Create a Product
  6. Go to Settings Tab
  7. Switch on Variants
  8. Assign Variant Type
  9. Add Item Variant
  10. Save

Variants offer a variety of choices to your customers when shopping online. When products come in different sizes, colors, and flavors, you can easily organize listings without having to upload a new product to cater to every variation.

Steps to Create a Variant

1. Go to Products

2. Select a Variant Type

On the sidebar, select a variant type to set the product specifications.

  • Color
  • Size
  • Type 1-3 - other types of variant that have nothing to do with color and size

3. Fill in the fields

  • Per variant type, click on the Create button to add a new variant.
  • On the creation page, add a Title and other details regarding the variant

4. Click Create to save the new variant

Steps to Assign a Variant to a Product

1. Select or Create a Product

Click on Create or Manage on the sidebar.

2. Go to Settings Tab

On the Product Creation Page or Individual Product Listing, edit the product settings.

3. Switch on Variants

4. Assign Variant Type

5. Add Item Variant

6. Save

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