How to Upload Products


  1. Go to the Products page. 
  2. Fill in the Product Info
  3. Proceed to Price
  4. Go to Images 
  5. Optional: SEO, Promo Code, Canvas, Custom Tab
  6. Click on Settings 
  7. Go back to Product Info and tick the Active box

  8. Click Create to complete the upload

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In an eCommerce website, the Product page is probably the most visited tab. This is where the items and goods that you're selling are published and visible to all your website visitors who are looking to purchase something at your online store.

With that said, it is important to add all the necessary information about the product to help your customers decide and visualize what you're selling. As a best practice, keep in mind to use high-quality photos and add only accurate information about your items.

In this article, we will first go over single product creation for you to understand the fields and details you need to fill up on. After learning that, there is a bonus section that allows you to upload products in bulk.

Single Product Creation 

1. Go to the Products page. 

On the left panel, click Create found on the top left side of the page.

2. Fill in the Product Info

Fill up all the necessary details that apply to your product.

Note: Product Name (you will notice that Slug will automatically be generated, do not edit anything on slug). 

Important Reminders:

  • Product Name is limited to 45 characters ONLY.
  • Short description and description is required if you plan to integrate your website on a Facebook shop.
  • SKU should only be in alphanumeric format and this has to be exclusive per product.
  • If your shipping provider requires weight and size to calculate the shipping fee, don't forget to add the correct dimensions on weight, height, length and width to make sure that shipping rates are calculated properly upon customer checkout.

3. Proceed to Price

Input your product's Regular Price and make sure you add Stock Quantity.

Important Reminders:

  • If you're only planning to use Sale Price or Price Display, keep in mind that you can only choose one.
  • For Stock Quantity, leaving this field blank means UNLIMITED stocks, putting a 0 means out of stock, and adding a value >0 (greater than zero) counts the remaining stocks that product has.

4. Go to Images

Click the Featured Image icon to upload your product photo display. On the upload page, click  Insert or Crop & Insert when you're done selecting. If you want multiple photos, you may also upload them by clicking Slider Image Gallery.

Important Reminders:

  • The suggested dimension for the Featured Image is 350x423 OR 500x604. You may play around with the resize on the Crop & insert the button to see which would work best for you. Feel free to make the dimensions bigger than 500x604, just make sure that the image resolution is less than 1MB. 
    • If you will be using ZOOM feature for photos, please make sure that the minimum Width is 1000
  • For photos exceeding 1MB, you may use the links below to compress the files.
    JPEG -
    PNG -
  • Slider Image Gallery is for multiple photo uploading. For smooth website responsiveness, limit the photos per product to a maximum of ten only.

Optional Steps: SEO, Promo Code, Canvas, Custom Tab

You may leave the SEO Tab blank, it's not required in the initial product upload. But if you want to improve searchability, it'll be better to add this later.

The Promo Code tab is intended for special discounts that you can assign to your product. You may skip this part as well if you're not running any promos.

Canvas is only applicable to printing services.

Custom Tab is for additional information about your product beyond the specifications and description provided.

5. Click on Settings 

Add more information about your product

  • Brands if your product is branded or you have the branding of your own, you may put them here.
  • Variants if this product comes in different varieties such as colors, sizes, flavors, and anything that can be classified with it. You may activate this feature by clicking the toggle button. Click here for a detailed guide on creating and assigning variants.
  • Add-ongot any offers to spice up the product or create a better deal for your customers? Use this feature to entice them with it. Click here for a detailed setup guide and samples. 

6. Go back to Product Info and tick the Active box

7. Click Create to complete the upload

Bulk Product Upload

You can also upload your products through a CSV file, that way, you can upload multiple products at once.

1. Go to Products and click on Import from CSV

You'll be redirected here:

2. Upload your CSV file using the template found here
3. Click the Auto match columns tab then Import records

A popup page should appear for updates on products Created, Updated and Errors. 

Note: The CSV Format is very sensitive. To make uploading easier, download our CSV Import template here. Keep an eye out for the description and instructions found on the last row for each column to avoid errors. Take a screenshot in case you encountered a problem. 

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