How to Edit About page


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Under Site Settings, click Standard Pages
  3. Go to About Page
  4. Complete fields
    1. Add Information
    2. Upload Files
    3. Enable Section (optional)
  5. Save to update changes

About is one of the tabs found on your top navigation menu. This page gives an overview of what the company is about, introduces the founders, and provides other information a customer needs to know.

Having an About page can help you achieve greater blogging success. When you search for an entrepreneur and what industry are they known for, that section on your About page may come up top in the results.

Steps on How to Edit About Page

1. On your admin dashboard, go to Settings. On the left panel, look for Site Settings, under that click Standard Pages. Wait for the Page to load, then click About Page.

2. On the About Page tab, the first thing that you will see is the About Header Banner Image. Since your new website comes with a placeholder, to upload your own banner hover your mouse on the right side of the image's file name then click the "X" button. This will remove the existing photo, to upload simply click the empty image icon, select a photo and click Insert. The suggested dimension is 1000x170. 

3. Next to that you have the About title and About subtitle. Those two text fields you see on your admin control are optional to be filled up on, if left empty a default About text will appear 

4. Titles are just the beginning, after adding this you'll see three fields that contain " Who We Are", "What We Do" and "Why We Do It". These fields are also optional, if you have content for these, feel free to add them accordingly to which title they suit best. The logic present in these three fields is that when you leave them empty they will not be published on your website, so you don't have to worry about adding content here. Check out the photos below for the sample results.

5. Add a photo to your footer. Just repeat the process in Step 2 to upload your content. Now you'll notice that the size is different, for this part the dimension that I recommend is 750x300. After Saving this, you'll see a banner right after the Who, What, and Why section.

6. Finally the Founder Section, is the top section your customers will see when they click About from the navigation menu. From your admin control, you have the option to activate or deactivate it. When activated, make sure to add your content by clicking the dropdown on the right. You should find the fields "Name, Job Title, Quotes, and Founder Image" 

Note: When you add a photo, the suggested dimension is 300x450. 

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