How to Upload Main and Sub Banner Photos


  1. Log in to your Website’s backend.
  2. Click on the Settings Tab
  3. Click Site Settings
  4. Click Standard Pages
  5. Upload Images/Video
  6. Click Save

Banners serve as the first thing to be noticed on your website which is why it is kind of critical to choose the right and perfect image banner. This has to be catchy in the eye and has to be appropriate and appealing because if it is done poorly, it can indicate non-professionalism.

Steps to Upload your Banner

1.  Log in to your Website’s backend. 

2.  Click on the Settings Tab on your dashboard.

3.  Click Site Settings.

4.  Click Standard Pages.

5. On the Main Banner Section, you can upload 3 image banners. You can also upload a Video with a maximum length of 1 minute. (Must be mp4 file).

 6.  Click Save.

Note: Accepted dimensions for banners should be image 1900 x 1400. For Video Media: We recommend a 30-40 second video only for awesome website responsiveness!

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