How to Activate Payment Integrations

Prosperna offers a variety of payment integrations so merchants can offer customer convenience.

Selecting preferred payment options is as simple as the push of a button, but some setup is required depending on the platform.

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Paymongo
  • Dragon Pay
  • PayMaya (aka Maya)

Steps to Activate Paypal

1. Create your account

2. Finish Activating your Account

3. Select Live

4. Create Key

5. Copy the Client ID

6. Paste to your admin sites

Steps to Activate Stripe

1. Create an account on stripe

2. Finish activating your account

3. Go to Developer > API Key

4. Copy The Secret Key

5. Paste it on your admin site

Steps to Activate Paymongo

1. Go to

2. Create your account then login

3. Finish Activating your Account

4. Go To Developers Tab

5. Copy the Public and Secret Keys

6. Paste it on your admin site

Steps to Activate Dragon Pay or PayMaya (aka Maya)

1. You must create your own account.

2. You must contact dragon pay on what you need to do.

3. You must contact Prosperna for implementation.

Need more help?

For more information and assistance, please send an email to

Happy Selling!

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