How to Setup Facebook Shop


  1. Click the Add Shop Section Link.
  2. Agree to Merchant Terms and Policies and click Continue.
  3. Add Business and Payment Processing Details
  4. Enter business details and set up payment processing.
  5. Update your Shop description
  6. Add Products
  7. Fill in product details
  8. Click on Add Collection
  9. View your existing collections
  10. Select products to add to your collection
  11. Access Your Shop’s Settings
  12. Manage Your Orders
Important: A Facebook Page is different from a Facebook Shop, you need an Active and Verified Facebook Shop to be able to complete this integration. You can also set up the Shop section from your existing Facebook Page.  

Steps to Create & Setup a Facebook shop (via Commerce Manager)

1. Click the Add Shop Section Link.

facebook add shop section button2. Agree to Merchant Terms and Policies and click Continue.

agree to facebook shop merchant terms and policies and continue3. Add Business and Payment Processing Details

Note: Enter your business details and set up payment processing with Stripe. If you have a Stripe account already, log into that account first and then click the link to connect to an existing Stripe account.

Click on the link to set up a Stripe account.

4. Enter business details and set up payment processing.

configure facebook shop business and payment details

Result: Once you’ve finished this setup, your call to action button changes to a Shop Now button, which takes page visitors to your Shop section.

5. Update your Shop description

How do you want your customers to know about the products you sell?

describe facebook shop products

6. Add Products

Click the Add Products button.

add products to facebook shop

7. Fill in product details

You can find Facebook’s detailed guidelines and recommendations for photos on the product listing guidelines page.

facebook shop product details
Note: Facebook only shows your shop to customers in the United States and automatically calculates taxes based on specific locations. You can enter your own rates, but you’ll be responsible for whether they’re accurate.
facebook shop custom product taxes

If you enter custom product taxes, you’re responsible for their accuracy.

Result: After you start adding products, your shop will begin to look like this.

Products may initially be marked “In Review” (similar to ads) to make sure they meet Merchant Terms and Policies, as well as product listing guidelines. So while you can see them, the public may not until they’re approved.

Approved listing view:

approved product listing facebook shop
Note: To add more products, go to your shop and click on the Add Product block or go to your Publishing Tools and access the Shop section there.

8. Click on Add Collection

If you have a lot of different types of products, you have the option to create collections to organize your products.

add collection to organize facebook shop products

view collections of organized products in facebook shop

9. View your existing collections

To add products to the Featured Products collection, click the collection and then click the Add Products button. Select which products to add to your collection and click Add.

add products to facebook shop collection

10. Select products to add to your collection

The first products in your Featured Products collection will appear above your timeline on your Facebook page.

These products will also appear first in your shop, based on the order you arranged them in your Featured Products collection.

The products appear in the order in which you arranged them in the collection.

Note: that visitors to your shop also get the option to subscribe to get notifications when you add new products.

11. Access Your Shop’s Settings

To access your shop’s settings, click on your shop’s link from your page’s menu and then click on the setting wheel icon to get the following menu options.

facebook shop settings menu
  • Click the wheel icon to access settings for your shop.
  • The Copy Direct Link option gives you a link to your Facebook page’s shop that you can share. It will look like this: (You’re welcome to visit this page to see what it looks like, but none of these items are really for sale.)
  • The Manage Shop option takes you to your Publishing Tools, where you’ll find a new section for your shop. There, you can add products and product collections to group your products.
  • The Settings option takes you to your shop’s main settings, where you can update your email address, business address, and Stripe account.
  • The Help option takes you to the Shop Section FAQ where you can learn more about setting up your own shop. If you choose to no longer sell products on your Facebook page, you can use the Delete Shop option.

12. Manage Your Orders

When you receive your first order, you’ll get a notification. You can review and manage your pending and completed orders in your Publishing Tools under the Shop section.

manage shop orders in shop section of publishing tools

Manage orders in the Shop section of your Publishing Tools.

Once you close your first order notification, you’ll see a list of your pending orders. Click on an individual order to see additional details, such as the buyer’s shipping preferences and address. You can also contact the buyer if you need additional information while the order is pending or after it’s completed.

See a list of pending orders.

You must ship the order before Stripe will process your payment. After you click on the order, click the Mark as a Shipped button and enter the tracking number (if applicable). Then the customer’s payment through Stripe will be processed. The order will move to pending and your inventory will be updated accordingly.

mark facebook shop order as shipped

To receive payment, open the order, click Mark as Shipped, and enter the tracking number.

If you have any questions about the Facebook Shop section, contact Facebook Support using the Facebook Advertiser and Business Resources page via live chat or email.

Shopping on Facebook Pages From the Customers’ Perspective

From the customers’ perspective, shopping on your Facebook page’s Shop section will be simple. When they click on a product and click the Check Out button, they’ll need to enter their shipping information if it’s the first time they’ve made a purchase on Facebook.

customer enter shipping details for first facebook purchase

Users need to fill in shipping information the first time they make a purchase on Facebook.

After they click Next, they’ll enter their email, phone number, and credit card information and place their order. Once the purchase is complete, they’ll receive a confirmation plus recommendations for other products that are for sale on your Facebook page.

Customers will receive a purchase confirmation when the purchase is complete.

Customers can visit the Purchases (Payments) section in their Facebook settings to view their orders.

Customers can view their orders in the Payments section of their Facebook settings.

When they click on an individual order, they have the option to review the order details, contact the seller, initiate a return, or initiate an exchange. They’ll also get notifications when there are updates to the order.

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