About Shipping Status in Fleet and Deliveries

Improve your conversions by letting customers know the status of their orders. Transparency is a key factor in gaining trust.

Monitoring shipping statuses give you the power to foresee and prevent delays from every delivery point. This feature alone can get your business ahead of the competition.

Shipping Status Definitions in Fleet and Deliveries


  • Start_Pickup -This means the order is in process for pick up from the store or warehouse as to where it will come from.
  • Start_Delivery - This is when the carrier has the parcel/product with them and is on the way to the designated buyer’s location.
  • Done - This term is used when the Order has been delivered to the customer successfully.
  • Failed_Pickup - When the sender fails to give the carrier the order to be delivered; this is referred to as “Failed Pick up”.
  • Failed_Delivery - If the customer fails to receive their order due to instances like having logistic issues based on areas not supported by our delivery gateway providers or in an event where no one has received the order.
  • Failed_Return - The product never reached the buyer while the return of the order remained with the carrier and has failed to be delivered back to the sender.
  • Cancel - This term is used when customers change their minds about getting what they ordered after it has been processed.
  • In_Transit_For_Return - The product ordered is out for return or on its way back to the sender.
  • Returned - This status is used when the order arrives back to the sender successfully.


  • Assigned - The job is assigned to a rider or when the order has been given a designated rider to deliver it.
  • Open - The job is returned by the rider; In the event that the rider rejects the job order, the status “open” is used.
  • Accepted - The job is accepted by the rider and the order is ready for pickup.
  • Started - The job is ongoing or in transit; this status is used when the order is already on its way to the customer.
  • Arrived - The job has arrived at the destination; the delivery arrived successfully to the customer.
  • Done - The job has been completed; This status is used when the delivery has been confirmed to be a successful transaction.

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