About Multi-Store Add-Ons

A multi-brand approach gives your business an immense amount of appeal as this has the potential to broaden your database in terms of clients that purchase a certain product with a multi-brand overview.

Step 1

Go to your website admin backend account

Step 2

Select the “Setting” tool icon on your dashboard tabs.

This will redirect you to your settings page; On the left-hand corner, scroll down until you see "Stores".

Step 3

fill in the blank fields and switch the toggle button to activate the store.

Step 4

Go to user settings: for the store assignment as this will determine what role and who is assigned to a specific store.

Adding a user or editing any existing roles of a user will allow you to create or make alterations you wish to change.

fill in the required fields and don't forget to set this user as active or inactive by turning the toggle button.

NOTE: Make sure you have created a store by doing steps number 1,2 and 3 for the storage options to appear.

NOTE: If you want to sell/assign a product from a specific store/ different store: Please follow these steps: 

Step 1

Go to the “Products” page and click on Create or just simply select an existing product you wish to assign to a certain store.

And then simply select a store you have created for that particular product.

It should appear like this on your website.

If you're still having problems or have other questions feel free to send us a support ticket through support@prosperna.com

I hope this helps!

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