How to Activate Promo Countdown

Set a timer for your online store's promotional discounts, this can be applied to both vouchers and product percentage discount.

Step 1

On your dashboard, click the Settings tab, then look for Vouchers under the Store Settings category. Click the down arrow to expand Upsell Marketing to make its features appear

Step 2

To activate the Promo Countdown timer, we will be selecting Product Discount (Products).

Step 3

When you click Product Discount, a field for the countdown timer will appear. Simply select an expiration date for your voucher or percentage discount on your selected products.

Step 4

To add products under percentage discount, you may click the dropdown menu and select any product of your choice. Don't forget to put a value on the right side for a percentage discount.

If you want to add more, just click Add New Item at the bottom and repeat this step.

Step 5

When you've added all your products, don't forget to click Save so that it will reflect on your online store.

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I hope this helps!

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