About Sitewide Promotions

This feature allows you to have a slashed pricing promo for your selected products without the use of vouchers.

Step 1

Click on Settings and select Order.

Step 2

Under the Checkout setting, look for Sitewide discount then click the toggle button to activate it.

Step 3

Click the dropdown on the right to customize your sitewide discounts.

Step 4

Select your desired discount option on the dropdown field; You have three choices for this.

Step 5

After selecting a promo option. Fill out all the required fields with their corresponding details, you may refer to the description below to help you get started.

  • Category - you can choose between Item Category or Branch (this will only appear when Store locator is enabled)
  • Specific - when "Item Category" is selected this will show
  • Expiration Date - this allows you to limit the days of your promo
  • Value - the numbers you will input here will set the amount to be discounted on your products.

NOTE: Please be careful when you input value, double-check if your dropdown is set to Percentage Discount or Flat Amount.

Step 6

Click Save to apply these changes to your website.

If you're still having a hard time or have any other questions in mind feel free to send us a support ticket through support@prosperna.com.

I hope this helps!

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