How to Set Up Facebook Login

Setting up your Facebook login on a website gets you one step ahead of the marketing game as this allows you to spread the exposure of your product; Branch out to all social media portals to gain conversions.

Step 1

Login to your Facebook Marketplace account

Step 2

Go to

Step 3

On the right side of the page you will see the “My Apps” tab (click on it).

Step 4

Select “ Create App.”

And select “Manage Business Integrations.”

Step 5

Enter your “Website Name” and your “App Contact Email”

And select “Create App ID.”

This will redirect you to your “App Dashboard”

Step 6

On the left hand corner of your App Dashboard Page, you will find “Settings” click on it and select “Basic”

Step 7

Select “Show” under “App Secret”

This will allow you to re enter your password for security (complete this, but don’t close it yet).

Step 8

Open a new tab and enter your Prosperna Admin backend URL and log in.

Step 9

Select the “Setting” tool icon on your dashboard tabs.

On the left-hand corner select “Social Login” under “Developer Settings”

Select “Facebook”

Step 10

Go back to your “Facebook Developer” tab and copy the “App ID” and “App Secret”

And paste it on your admin backend “Social Login” settings under “App ID” and “App Secret”

Step 11

Make sure to “check” the box that you want to be activated and follow the instructions on the box and copy the hyphenated link provided in no. 4

Step 12

Go back to your “Facebook Developer” tab and select “Save Changes”

Notice the top right corner of the “Facebook Developer” pageant select “My Apps”

It will redirect you here; Select the first option “Your Website Name” on the left-most corner

And once it has finished loading; Drill down on the page you’re in until you find “ Facebook Login” click on “Set up”

Step 13

Select “WWW” and input your “Site URL”

Click “Save” and then “Continue”

Step 14

Notice the left hand corner under “Products +” and select “Settings”

Go back to step 11 where you copied the URL provided in no. 4 in your backend.

And then paste in on “Valid OAuth Redirect URls” on your opened tab “Facebook Developer” page and select “Save Changes”

Step 15

Go back to app settings, on the left hand corner of your App Dashboard Page, you will find “Settings” click on it and select “Basic”

Enter your Webpage URL on “ Privacy Policy URL” and add “/privacy-terms” and then click “save changes”

Step 16

On the same page you saved your “Privacy URL,” on top you will find a toggle that you need to switch on for “In- Development”

Click on “Choose Category”, select “Business and Pages” and click on “Switch Mode”

And you’ll see the “live” toggle active. (This indicates that the integration is successful)

Step 17

You may now proceed to your website. To check the completion of the integration, just select “Sign Up”

And it should look like something like this.

When you click on “Facebook” it’ll redirect you to your facebook account and as soon as you click on “Continue as ___”

It should redirect you back to the website you have integrated facebook with.

If you're still having problems or have any other questions feel free to send us a support ticket through

I hope this helps!

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