About Upsells

To increase your profit, smart marketing is involved and one of the many effective ways to achieve this is "Upselling"

This feature will give your customers a better shopping experience and increase their interest to buy more!

NOTE: You must input the code on your "Vouchers" tab and fill all the necessary fields in other to appear on your front end.

Step 1

Click on your Settings tab and click on Vouchers under, Store Settings.

Toggle the button for Upsell Marketing.

Click on Save.

Step 2

Open your Marketing tab and select Vouchers.

Click on Create Upsell Popup modal.

Step 3

You will be redirected here:

Fill in all the fields and don't forget to switch the toggle button on.

NOTE: Your Discount Code should be the same as the Voucher Code you created.

It should show up on your products page like this:

To deactivate your Upsell earlier than the date of expiration you have set for any reason all you have to do is delete it, or activate a different Voucher's Upsell Popup modal as you can only activate 1 pop up at a time.

And click Save.

If you're still having problems or have other questions feel free to send us a support ticket through support@prosperna.com

I hope this helps!

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