About the Page Builder


  1. Edit Online Store
  2. Select preferred widgets
  3. Arrange page elements
  4. Add design and content

On the Page builder, you can edit your online store to look like a webpage.

When customers visit your store, you can tell them a little more about your brand.

Steps to Customize Page Builder

1. Simply click on the pencil to add your desired widgets.

On the top of your dashboard, click on the pencil to Edit Online Store.

2. Select your preferred widget and click on the + button.

Once you’re done, close the window.

3. From here, you can hover over the widget and try the different controls available.

4. Let’s try editing one.

In this window, you can customize the widget to fit your brand.

Here are some ideas to add.

  • High-quality background image
  • Brand palette
  • Call to action prompts like “Learn More” or “Buy Now”
  • Link to your store or social media pages
This will automatically be saved.

Need more help?

For more information and assistance, please send an email to support@prosperna.com.

Happy Selling!

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