How to Connect Prosperna to Instagram


  1. Link your Instagram Business Account to Your Facebook Page
  2. On a new tab, open
  3. Click on Settings then go to Sales Channels
  4. On Instagram click on "Add Channel" Button
  5. Log in to your IG Business Account
  6. To send a message Go to Click on Social Inbox
  7. Select Instagram
  8. Click on conversations
  9. Send a message on one of the conversations
  10. Click on View posts
  11. Create a new post
  12. Fill in the necessary fields
  13. Post
  14. View Comments
  15. Click on "Reply to" or add a comment
  16. Send comment
  17. Go to Social Channels, under Settings
  18. Click on Instagram
  19. View account connected to Prosperna

Add Instagram as one of your sales channels - allow customers to shop and chat with you before checking out on your Prosperna store.

Steps to Connect Prosperna to Instagram

1. Link your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook page. 

a. Log In to your Business Facebook Account

b. Once In, Go To Pages and select your page.

c. In the Left Side Panel, Look for the "Settings" Button and Click.

d. You will be routed to Page Settings and Look for the "Instagram" Icon and connect your Account.

Note: When you go to your  Meta Business Suite , you should be able to see 2 head gear in the page. This means that your Facebook and Instagram is already connected.

2. Go to Prosperna Login

3. Click on Settings then go to Sales Channel

4. On Instagram Button Click on "Add Channel" 

5. Log In Your Instagram Business Account

Note: When you successfully Integrated your Instagram Business Account with your Facebook Page the system will auto connect your IG account  when you added Facebook account into the sales Channel.

6. To send a message, Click on Social Inbox (Inbox icon)

7. On the Social Inbox, Click on Instagram

8 On the left side, Click on the conversations

9. Send a message on one of the conversations. Click on Send button/paper plane icon at the bottom

*Note: In order to have the conversation present on the social inbox conversation on Instagram must be accepted and moved to the primary inbox

10. On the right of the Screen, Click on View posts

11. On the top right of the screen, click on the Create new post button

12. Fill in the necessary fields to create a post

13. Click on the Post button

14. On the Instagram Posting listing page, On the action column, click on the ellipsis and view comments

15. Click on the label "Reply to" If there's no prior comment on the post, the post must have a comment first.

16 Click on the Send button / Paper plane icon

17. On the left navigation, Hover on Settings (Cog icon) and Click on the Social Channels

18. On the Social Channels, Click on Instagram

19. On the Instagram Messenger Setup, we can see what Instagram user is integrated with Prosperna

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