About the Elements Catalog


  1. Edit Online Store
  2. Click + Button
  3. Close Window
  4. Edit
  5. Save

The Elements Catalog is a library of website elements that you can add to your online store. 

The components of the Elements Catalog include:

  • Search Bar - type the specific element you want to see or add.
  • Categories - choose between the latest releases, category lists, or featured elements.
  • Elements - scroll down the pop-up window to view the different elements catalog.

Steps to Add a Selected Element from the Catalog

1. Simply click on the pencil to add your desired widgets.

On the top of your dashboard, click on the pencil to Edit Online Store.

2. Select your preferred widget and click on the + button.

Once you’re done, close the window.

3. From here, you can hover over the widget and try the different controls available.

Controls you can choose from

  • Move
  • Size Up
  • Size Down
  • Edit Element
    • Alignment
    • Padding - border around an element
    • Image - if applicable
    • Title Text
    • Title Color
    • Button Text - if applicable
    • Button Color - if applicable
  • Delete Element

4. Save & Preview

Changes are automatically saved after selecting an element but to finalize, click on the Save & Preview button on the upper-right side.

Need more help?

For more information and assistance, please send an email to support@prosperna.com.

Happy Selling!

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