How to Apply Promo Codes


  1. Go to Billing
  2. Select Rewards Tab
  3. Apply Promo Code
  4. Checkout
Note: Admins from Team Prosperna assign the promo codes to merchants. Promo codes are one-time use only and are limited to one promo code per billing. This will reflect on your next billing cycle.

As part of our incentive program, Prosperna Rewards grants merchants with a 12-month paid-in-advance subscription an extra 2 months for FREE.

This is an automated benefit for merchants that select the annual payment scheme, availed as one package upon checkout on the Billing page. The reward will be sent as a Promo Code through email notification and will be reflected on the Billing Page.

Note: Regardless of plan type, Prosperna Rewards are also applicable for merchants that have accumulated a specific number of months; users with heavy app usage or account activity. 

Steps to Apply Promo Codes

FREE users need to upgrade to a paid plan and meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Subscribing 12 months in advance;
  • Or accumulating a specific number of months as a FREE user

When a Promo Code is Assigned to a FREE User

1. Go to Billing

2. Click on Rewards Tab

3. Click Apply on the Promo Code

In the event that you are a paid user, but not subscribed to an annual plan, you may still receive a Promo Code from Prosperna.

Some Promo Codes can only be applied to certain plan types, in the event that it only works for monthly or annual, you can switch the toggle on the checkout page.

4. Checkout your Discounted Package

On the Checkout Page, you can see the discounted amount based on the Promo Code.

PAID Users follow the same steps above but the code reflects on your next billing cycle.

Note: The process remains the same, regardless of plan type, just make sure to read the terms and conditions of your Promo Code before applying. If you're supposed to receive a Promo Code but have yet to receive one, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email support.

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