How to Setup Facebook Chat Plugin


  1. Page Settings > Messaging
  2. Add Messenger to your Website
  3. Choose setup method
    1. Manually
    2. Copy-paste code to the backend
  4. Setup welcome message and automated responses
  5. Customize chat appearance

Adding the Facebook Chat plugin to your website or online store only takes a few steps to set up.

Steps to Setup Facebook Chat Plugin

1. Under Page Settings, go to Messaging.

2. Get Started under Add Messenger to your Website.

You will be routed to Make sure your page is a business page, else it will not allow you to plug in messager to your website

3. Choose a setup method

  • Manual
    • Click Setup
    • Select language
    • Add website domain
    • Copy-paste the code to your website

Place your Domain and Save and Continue

Copy your code and click Next

Paste your code to your website.

To paste your code log in to your store admin site.

  • Via Website Builder
    • Once the setup is completed from inside Facebook, copy-paste the code to the website's backend.
      • Go to Settings > Pages > Customize Tab > Integration > Add the code to the body

Look for integration and paste the code copied from Facebook in the Body, then hit save and close

You can check the messager plug in to your website.

Steps to Setup Automations in Facebook Chat Plugin

1. Under Set up your Chat Plugin, select Automations

Create a welcome message and add automated responses for frequently asked questions.

  • Go to Inbox
  • Select Chat Plugin
  • Select Automation

2. Choose or Create automation.

  • You may select Create automation or
  • Scroll left to right the scroll bar

Select your preferred automation available.

  • Enable Instant reply button.
  • Put a checkmark on the box beside Messenger.
  • Type in your Instant reply message.
  • The hit Save Changes

You may use these steps for other Automation Templates as well.

3. Test it on your website

It should look like this.

4. How to view Facebook Chat from your website

  1. Go to Inbox
  2. Select Chat Plugin

Click HERE to learn more about Facebook Chat Plugin Automation.

5. Customize Chat Appearance.

Personalize your Chat plugin by changing the colors, alignment, and expansion settings.

Click HERE to learn more.

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