How to Use Viber and Prosperna

Viber for Business

There are over 1.1 billion Viber users worldwide, with at least 70 million interactions every hour.

In the Philippines, 1 in 3 Filipinos uses Viber more than Whatsapp.

Unlike Whatsapp, using Viber for your business does not require downloading a separate app.
But instead, you need to create a new Viber account, using a number designated for your business.
You create your profile by using your business name, uploading your company logo, and adding a short description such as a link to your Online Store.
The Blue Tick signifies that Viber has authenticated the brand and that users can update their subscription to the service at any point in time. 
Every Business Message sent includes a "Blue Tick" to reassure users that they are not receiving any spam.
You can have your account verified by sending Viber a request.

Start a Viber Business Community

The Viber Business Community is also known as the brand news feed or supergroups.
This feature is designed for brands to offer better customer support and stay engaged.
To Register your brand:
  • Open the chat list and click on the “New message” button.
  • Select the “Create a community” option.
  • Enter the required information: name, photo, and description.
All Viber users can be invited to the community. In other words, you can reach up to 1 billion potential customers.

Regardless of how you choose to use Viber, you can easily market and sell your Prosperna store by sharing your store and product links.

Set Up a Viber Bot

To set up automated messaging on your Viber Business, you need a Viber Bot.

You can start the Viber Bot creation process by: 

  • Visiting the Viber Admin Panel on your browser
  • Logging in using your business account credentials
  • Adding your business details on the form
  • Press Create to save.

Viber bots can be applied for free, without limitations on messaging and amount of contacts. 

They can also connect to a live customer support platform to message customers personally.

This is optional, but if you want to boost your marketing and sales on Viber, there are some features that you can utilize, exclusively on their platform.

These include:

  • Viber Ads to bring your brand front and center to attract, intrigue, and transact with connected consumers
  • Viber Promotional Stickers to improve brand awareness and user acquisition with shareable and high-impact sticker content
  • Viber Out Resellers offer existing and new consumers access to high-quality international calls while instantly generating revenue on calls made

These can be applied for and purchased, by simply filling up a form on the Viber website.

To share your Prosperna Online Store to Viber, you can choose to do the following:

Option 1 - Merchant Inventory

1. Open your products page and select "Inventory".
2. Click on the "share icon" for the social media platform choices to show.

Once you have decided on where to share your product; You should be redirected to that social media platform of your choice to complete the posting.

Option 2 - Products Page

Go to your myChat store and click on the "share icon" on your products page and select your desired social media platform to share all your products in.

Option 3 - Individual Listing Page

You can select a certain product and have a "single product page view". Below the Product image, you will find the social media icons that you can choose from.

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