How to Use WhatsApp and Prosperna

Whatsapp for Business

As of April 2022, WhatsApp had approximately 2.44 billion unique active users worldwide.

Whatsapp developed a separate mobile app for businesses.

You can download Whatsapp Business on your smartphone by searching for it in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

These come with marketing and sales tools you can use to drive sales while interacting with customers.

If you are an existing Whatsapp user, you will need to register a different phone number to create an account on Whatsapp Business.

With a Whatsapp business profile, you can share your complete information to the public, including your:

  • Business description
  • Office Location
  • Mobile Number
  • Email address
  • Online Store Link
  • Product Catalog

You can send Whatsapp a request for a verified badge to make your account official, build trust, and not appear as spam. The badge appears as a white or green tick next to your name.

Whatsapp Catalog with Prosperna

WhatsApp Business app users can showcase and share their products and services with customers by creating a catalog. The catalog is displayed on the business profile.

Every product or service in the catalog has a title along with fields including price, description, website link, and product code. Your account can have up to 500 products in your catalog.

You can share products from your Catalog directly to your chat.

Catalogs are important for customers to browse your available products and services to spark interest, as well as share them with their friends or message you to inquire about them.

By integrating your Whatsapp Catalog with your Prosperna Online Store, you can save time by managing everything in 1 place while offering customers a seamless way to checkout, pay, and book shipping or pickup.

Setting Up Quick Replies

Similar to a chatbot, setting up quick replies or automated messages allows your business to offer customer support and answer inquiries 24/7.

When customers inquire about frequently asked questions you can respond right away with a templated message.

This also applies to automated replies you can send to welcome new customers or whenever you are unavailable so customers are informed when to expect a response.

Using Whatsapp Labels

Whatsapp has a segment option that allows you to label contacts and chats. 

These can be toggled under the settings page of your contact or chat.

You can label the contacts to organize them by location, order frequency, or if you’re going to include them as members of one group chat.

On the other hand, the chats can be labeled to organize conversations whether the customer is making an inquiry, completing an order, or confirming their payments.

Using labels make it faster and easier for you to track conversations and look for your customer’s contact information.

Regardless of how you choose to use Whatsapp, you can easily market and sell your Prosperna store by sharing your store and product links.

To share your Prosperna Online Store to Whatsapp, you can choose to do the following:

Option 1 - Merchant Inventory

1. Open your products page and select "Inventory".
2. Click on the "share icon" for the social media platform choices to show.

Once you have decided on where to share your product; You should be redirected to that social media platform of your choice to complete the posting.

Option 2 - Products Page

Go to your myChat store and click on the "share icon" on your products page and select your desired social media platform to share all your products in.

Option 3 - Individual Listing Page

You can select a certain product and have a "single product page view". Below the Product image, you will find the social media icons that you can choose from.

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