How to Use Telegram and Prosperna

Telegram for Business

With over 500 million active monthly users, Telegram's free-messaging services are more relevant for businesses today.

Focusing more on speed and security, users enjoy the uncluttered and simple interface of the app, and its seamless ability to sync across several devices.

For smaller businesses where you directly connect with your customers, you can always use their direct messaging features to share your products and promotions.

There's no exact way to create a professional or business account, but there are methods to use for your business:

  • Telegram Group - similar to group chats, but with a limit of 200,000 members. Telegram groups are great for building a community. You can add members individually or post the group link publicly. Groups can also be made public and searchable on Telegram. Users can invite other people, reply to threads and send messages.
  • Telegram Channel - only admins can send messages, channels are great for announcements and notices. Users subscribe to channels by searching the app or using channel links on websites and other places. Channels with more than 1,000 subscribers display channel analytics and posts.
  • Telegram Bot - also known as Telegram Business API, bots are free and can be used to create bots for social services, games, productivity, and e-commerce. However, Telegram Bots can also be used for human support by connecting them to a CRM or messaging platform.

Regardless of how you choose to use Telegram, you can easily market and sell your Prosperna store by sharing your store and product links.

To share your Prosperna Online Store to Telegram, you can choose to do the following:

Option 1 - Merchant Inventory

1. Open your products page and select "Inventory".
2. Click on the "share icon" for the social media platform choices to show.

Once you have decided on where to share your product; You should be redirected to that social media platform of your choice to complete the posting.

Option 2 - Products Page

Go to your myChat store and click on the "share icon" on your products page and select your desired social media platform to share all your products in.

Option 3 - Individual Listing Page

You can select a certain product and have a "single product page view". Below the Product image, you will find the social media icons that you can choose from.

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