Troubleshoot: Can't send messages to Messenger from Social Inbox

Facebook is commonly used to connect third-party apps for convenience. This list can be viewed on your Apps & Websites under the Facebook Settings page.

For every app added to Facebook, users are prompted to give specific permissions, including access to Messenger.

Due to Facebook's Terms & Policies, only ONE application can be provided access to Messenger, so in the event that you need to connect to Prosperna's Social Inbox, it needs to be given the primary permission to access.

Here are some ways to troubleshoot this issue:

1. Edit Individual App Permissions

Update your Apps and Websites permissions so that none of them have access to Messenger.

2. Remove Other Apps

It may be possible that you have third-party apps you're no longer using that have access to Messenger, so it's best to remove these to resolve the issue.

3. Change the Primary Handover to Prosperna

On your Facebook Page Settings:

  • Go to Advanced Messaging
  • Under Handover Protocol, select Prosperna as Primary Receiver

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