Types of Order Status

The Order Status is used to notify your consumer on what part of the process is the order in. Once changing the status of an order it will send an Email/SMS to your consumer.



This status only shows if an order is new.


This status is available when the order's payment is completed. Once an order is accepted you can now start processing your orders.

Note: if you are using Lalamove orders are automatically accepted to take advantage of Lalamove's dynamic pricing mechanism, which is based on demand.


This status is only available if an order is COD or Delivery w/ Pending Payment. Once the order is declined the order will be cancelled.


This status is available after accepting an order. Cancelling an order will stop the order to be shipped.

Note: If you are using Lalamove you can only cancel an order if the shipping status of your order is ASSIGNING_DRIVER or it is less than 5 minutes in ON_GOING.


This status is only available after accepting an order. Completing an order will indicate the the order is now received by the consumer.

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