How to Add Variant of a Product


  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Products, click Variants.
  3. Create a New Product/Select existing product.
  4. Scroll to Variants Section, and click Add Product Variant.
  5. Assign Variant.
  6. Click Save.

Creating variants to your products allow you to show the different sizes, colors, and other classifications of a specific product.

Note: In order to create a variant, you must have existing categories first. If you do not have a category yet, click here.

Steps to Add Variant

1. Log in to your Prosperna account

2. Go to Products, and click Variants.

3. Click Create New Product on the upper right corner of the page or select an existing product to Edit

4. Scroll down until you see this option then click Add Product Variant

5. Select and assign your existing variant from this dropdown. 

If it doesn't exist yet, click Create Variant Type then follow the process here


6. After adding your variants, you should see all items on this page. Click Save when you're done.

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