How to Create a Category


Main Category

  1. Go to Products, click on Categories
  2. Create Category
  3. Fill out the fields.
  4. Click Save

Sub Category

  1. Create Category
  2. Select Sub Category as Category Type
  3. Fill out the fields.
  4. Save.

Categories can be used to group and classify the type of products that you have. Setting this highly depends on the nature of your business. 

To give you a better illustration, you may read through the details below for an overview of the possible categories that you can use.

  • Food & Beverage - Appetizer, Main Course, Drinks, and Desserts 
  • Apparel or Clothing - Women, Men, and Children or Casual, Formal, and Sports

You may increase the accuracy of search results, simplify store navigation, organize results by topic, and assist customers in identifying the difference between similar products by categorizing them. Categories regulate not just the products that appear on the page, but also the features that can be used to browse those products.

In this article, we will cover the two types of categories

  • Main Category
  • Sub Category

Steps to Create a Category

Main Category

1. On the Left Panel, hover on the Shopping bag icon then click Categories

2. On the Category Dashboard page, click Create Category

3. A pop-up should appear. Fill up the details accordingly

  • Category Type: Main
  • Category Name: You may put any title here

4. Click Save when you're done.

Sub Category

Note: You need to create a Main Category first before setting this up.
To give you a better understanding, Sub Categories have the same function as what is mentioned above, it only differs with the hierarchy or how they are placed. A Sub Category would usually go after the Main Category to further add classifications.

1. On the Category Dashboard page, click Create Category

2.  A pop-up should appear, select Sub Category as your Category Type

  • Category Type: Sub Category

  • Category Name: You may put any title here

  • Main Category: Assign this to the Main Category that best relates to it

3. Click Save.

Result: Categories will now appear on your online store.

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