How to Set Product Add-Ons


  1. Go to Products, and click on Add-Ons.
  2. Create Add-Ons.
  3. Fill out the required fields, and click Create.
  4. Set Add-Ons to products.
Note: This feature is not available on the FREE plan.

Product Add-Ons are additional items with a separate price from the main product.

For example, with milk tea, add-ons will be the toppings.

Steps to Set Product Add-Ons

1. On the Left Navigation, hover on the bag icon and click Add-ons

2. On the Upper Right of the display, Click Create Add-ons.

3. Fill up ALL the required fields then click Create when you're done.

4. Assign Add-Ons to products individually by opening your inventory and selecting which product you want to have a certain add-on for.

NOTE: Please make sure you have created and set a CATEGORY for this add-on to be applied to your product/s as this is a vital requirement to operate this feature in relation to this, you must create Categories before any option pops out on the Category drop-down- Click HERE to learn how to create Categories.

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