Release Notes (December 14, 2021)

myChat has completed its latest round of updates TODAY, December 14, 2021.

The details of the updates are as follows:


Plus Plan is now available

Enhance your myChat store and level up on selling online through this new feature. This allows you to get an access to exclusive features that could enhance how you operate your business. It is designed to make selling more convenient for you. 

With this implemented, you will see yellow badges on features that are exclusive to plus plan users. 

Note: This is also available on mobile

Search Engine Optimization *Plus plan exclusive

Increase your online store's accessibility by improving your ranking on search engines like Google. When you have this feature, you're not only visible to customers who know your website but also to those who are searching for products relevant to your business.

Note: This is also available on mobile

Bulk product creation *Plus plan exclusive

Have multiple products to sell? Don't worry about taking too much time in uploading them. With this new feature, you can upload multiple products all at once. In order to keep you focused on your business and be able to start selling as soon as you onboard, we made it easier for you to publish your products online. Just load your data and they'll just be a few clicks away from being sold.

Note: This is also available on mobile

  *Plus plan exclusive

No time to update your stock inventory? Enable this feature to either keep your stocks updated for continuous checkout or they can be hidden when stocks are out. This is very helpful when you're not online and updating the stocks is nearly impossible. Activating this would keep transactions smoothly when your items are in or out of stock.

Note: This is also available on mobile


*Plus plan exclusive

We deployed this feature on November 4. After a month, we've added an enhancement wherein you can manage the access of your additional users. Restrict some features and functions, assign data that is relevant to the roles that you currently have using this,

Note: This is also available on mobile

Options are now named as Add ons *Plus plan exclusive

Using the same functionality as options, Add ons can help you minimize the number or products that you are uploading, especially if a single product comes in different colors or sizes. It allows you to create a wide variety of choices per product on your listings.

Note: This is also available on mobile

Product creation limit

Since we have now turned into a Freemium app, from unlimited product listings, there's been a change wherein myChat users under free plan can only enlist up to 25 products. But don't worry, you still have access to the basic features that will keep your business running. 

Admin Dashboard 

Get an overview of your total sales and orders while tracking those that are pending using your dashboard. Free plan users can have a maximum or three cards on display for your view

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