Release Notes (January 11, 2022)

myChat has completed its latest round of updates TODAY, January 11, 2022.

The details of the updates are as follows:

NEW FEATURES! (myChat Web)

Custom Domain is now available *Plus plan exclusive

Let your customers find you easily online with your own unique domain. Through this new feature, your store will no longer be under mychat.prosperna sub-domain but you can actually connect a website URL of your own on your myChat account making it your independent social selling platform.

Online Store Builder *Plus plan exclusive

Allow your prospects to get to know your business better. Through this new feature, you have the freedom to add and even customize a home page for your social selling platform. Introduce your business to your prospects, have them see what you can offer and finally, direct users around your website. 

Feature Enhancement

New Checkout Process 

A more simplified and straightforward design has been applied for your store's checkout. This checkout aims to provide a user friendly process for your customers that will allow them to easily make a transaction on your website.

Store Default URL

Your myChat store URL is now changed to from

Product Listing page redesigned

There is now a new design for your product listing page. This allows your customers to seamlessly browse through the items that you are selling.

Store Information

On the myChat store settings, store information have more fields available that needed to be filled. Most of these details are published on your store so that customer's will know how and where to contact you when needed. 

NEW FEATURES (myChat Mobile)

myPay can now be submitted through mobile app

Get access to more shipping options and hassle free payment by applying for a myPay account. We released this feature in the early stage of our launch last year for desktop users, and now, myChat mobile app users have access to it using their smart phones.

Chat and Help widget

You may now get real time assistance through our in-app live chat feature. Someone from our team will be ready to guide you with anything about your myChat account during our support hours on Monday to Friday at 8am to 7pm.


Help Center page

Everything you need on your myChat account setup to product knowledge and best practice is here. We added this to show you how to utilize the features of your myChat account and help you get better at using it. Our goal is to make sure that you have a well polished online store where customers can easily place transactions

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