Steps to Activate myPay


    1. Go to Payments.
    2. Click Activate Now.
    3. Submit Documents and wait for verification.
      1. Personal Information
      2. Business Information
      3. Business Details
      4. Banking Information
    4. Requirements: Please read first the Required Documents For myPay

      Steps to Activate myPay

      1. On the left panel, hover on Settings then click Payments

      2. Click Activate Now and Click "I Agree" on the User Agreement.

      You should be redirected to the Submit Requirements Page.

      3. Submit Personal Information

      Note: File type accepted is .jpg or .png with a minimum size of 25MB or smaller

      4. Submit your Business Information

      Note: Please select what type of Business you have (e.g., Individual, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Corporation) as the requirement will depend upon the type of Business you will have.


      5. Submit your Business Details.

      Note: Please ensure that the required field has been answered

      6. Submit your Banking Details

      Note: Providing banking details is important for Disbursement Process

      7. Statement of Authorization

      Statement of Authorization

      I, {merchant_name} of legal age, with residence at {merchant_address}, accept and authorize the following:

      I am the authorized representative of {Indivual, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, or Corporation} business, {nature-of-business}, with an official address at {business_address};

      On behalf of the business, I have fully read, understood, accept, and agree to be bound by the the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy agreements;

      These agreements constitute the entire agreement between Prosperna Philippines Inc., and the business of which I am the representative. This supercedes any and all prior memoranda of agreements, whether in writing or oral;

      The definitive versions of these agreements are the ones found on the Prosperna Philippines Inc., website, and;

      Prosperna Philippines Inc., reserves the right to change these agreements from time to time, with or without notice. If any changes to these agreements are made, our continued use of the Services by Prosperna Philippines Inc., constitutes our consent to the new agreements


      By registering, I agree and accept the terms above.

      Note: Please attached your signature

      8. Wait for your Account to be verified

      You will receive a notification when your account is verified. The verification process timeline is within 3 - 5 business days. An email notification will be sent to you.

      You should see this when you go to the Payment Settings page.
      After the myPay is accepted, then you can now Proceed to setting up your Shipping.

      Need more help?

      For more information and assistance, please send an email to

      Happy Selling!

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