How to Integrate Products to Facebook Catalog


  1. Create a Facebook shop (via Commerce Manager)
  2. Go to your Created Facebook Shop
  3. Click on Manage Shop
  4. Go to Commerce Manager
  5. Select Catalog
  6. Click on Items and select Add multiple items
  7. Create Catalog
  8. Create a new Data feed
  9. Set update schedule
  10. Select Default Currency and click Upload
  11. Redirect to uploading screen 
  12. Complete Upload
  13. Click Shops
  14. Redirect to New Page
  15. Edit
  16. Save and then Publish Updates
Steps to Integrate Products into Facebook Catalog
Note: Before you start, ensure that your products have short and long descriptions. This is a requirement for Facebook’s product approval furthermore your store should be compliant with Facebook's specifications to avoid issues like this:

1. Create your Facebook Shop.

2. Go to your Created Facebook Shop

3. Click on "Manage Shop"

4. Click on Go to Commerce Manager

The user should be redirected to this page.

5. Click on Catalog

6. Click on Items

The user should be redirected to this page.

7. Click Add Items then Add Multiple Items

8. Click on Data Feed

9. Select "Yes" then click next

10. Enter your Store URL

  • Log in to your admin account.
  • Go To Settings > Social Channels
  • Click On Customize and copy the link.

  • Paste your copied link on the "Enter URL" field then click next

11. Set your update schedule and then click next

12. Insert your data source title and select your default currency. When you're done click upload at the bottom right corner.

The user should be redirected to the uploading screen.

The user should be able to see this page after loading.

13. On the left panel, select "Shops"

The user should be redirected to this page.

14. Scroll left then click edit.

15.  You will be redirected to this page. Click Save & Publish at the bottom right.

Note: You won't be able to publish your updates if your Account is not yet approved.

Wait for Facebook to approve your items. It will appear on your Facebook shop after approval.

Result: There will be a shopping option on your Facebook page that your customers can browse through and buy from.

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