Facebook Shop Integration to Prosperna


  1. Create a Facebook shop (via Commerce Manager)
  2. Click Add Channel under Facebook Messenger
  3. Log in to Facebook Account
  4. Continue
  5. Select your preferred Facebook shop
  6. Toggle Yes on the checklist
  7. Click on OK.
Note: You can only use 1 Facebook account per Prosperna Account.

Facebook gives your customers a channel to shop from different marketplaces.

Not only does it increase your value as a seller, but you'll also have more visibility and access to your customers!

Steps to Integrate Facebook Shop to Prosperna

1. Create a Facebook shop (via Commerce Manager)

Skip to Step 2 if you already have an existing Facebook Shop

Important: A Facebook Page is different from a Facebook Shop, you need an Active and Verified Facebook Shop to be able to complete this integration. You can also set up the Shop section from your existing Facebook Page.  

Follow the steps on the link provided  or view the summary below:

  • Click the Add Shop Section Link.
facebook add shop section button
  • Agree to Merchant Terms and Policies and click Continue.
agree to facebook shop merchant terms and policies and continue
  • Add Business and Payment Processing Details
Note: Enter your business details and set up payment processing with Stripe. If you have a Stripe account already, log into that account first and then click the link to connect to an existing Stripe account.

HERE: Set up a Stripe account

  • Enter business details and set up payment processing.
configure facebook shop business and payment details

2. Under Settings, go to sales Channels

3. Hover on the Facebook Messenger Card and click on the + Add Channel.

4. Login to your Facebook Account

5. Click on continue.

6. Select one of your FB shop and click on next.

7. Toggle all as Yes in the list and click on done.

8. Click on OK.

Result: You should now be able to see your FB shop messages in your Social Inbox and Edit your Settings

Need more help?

For more information and assistance, please send an email to support@prosperna.com.

Happy Selling!

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