What to know before using LBC?

What is LBC Standard Delivery?

Have orders delivered via regular shipping through the courier's lead time. Here’s a quick look at what you need to know before choosing this option:

  1. Weight is up to 20 kg
  2. Size Limit on LxWxH is up to 51cm x 41cm x 30cm
  3. The shipping fee will depend on the size and packaging type. Available options are parcel, general cargo, and kilo box.

What are the requirements?

Before you can use this feature you must first submit your myPay form and wait for it to get verified.

Don't forget to input your address and contact details when you set this as your shipping option.

What are the Product Limitations?

When using LBC Standard Delivery, your products will be delivered via parcel, general cargo or kilo box.

The type of packaging will determine your Shipping Fee.

Packaging Type

  • Weight computation - actual or volumetric weight; whichever is higher
  • Volumetric Weight computation - length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 3,500


(Note: Maximum of 3kg. Will be treated as Cargo is it exceeds 3kg)

NPACK SMALL - Up To 1 kg 86.45 100.70 113.05 113.05 118.75
NPACK LARGE - Up to 3 kg 131 168.15 179.55 179.55 186.20


(using client packaging [Day 1])
1st 3 kilos 133.95 160.55 178.60 178.60 187.15
additional kilo or a fraction thereof 44.65 53.52 59.53 59.53 32.38


Contents of the kilobox should not exceed the Absolute Weight Limit of the box. Applicable charge per excess kilogram shall apply. Minimum P500 declared value.

Volume Weight / Allowable Weight Limit NCR LUZON VISAYAS MINDANAO ISLANDER
Kilobox 3 (Small)30x25x13 in cm

Additional kilo or a fraction thereof

2.81kgup to 3 kilos only 131.10 44.65 168.15 53.20 179.55 59.85 179.55 59.85 186.20 62.70
Kilobox 5 (Medium)36x30x18 in cm

Additional kilo or a fraction thereof

4.82kgup to 5 kilos only 222.30 44.65 266.95 53.20 297.35 59.85 297.35 59.85 311.60 62.70
Kilobox 10 (Large)46x30x23 in cm

Additional kilo or a fraction thereof

9.10kgup to 10 kilos only 445.55 44.65 534.85 53.20 593.75 59.85 593.75 59.85 623.20 62.70
Kilobox 20 (XL)51x41x30 in cm

Additional kilo or a fraction thereof

17.98kgup to 20 kilos only 846.45 44.65 1015.55 53.20 1128.60 59.85 1128.60 59.85 1184.65 62.70

What are the items that merchants can't sell?


  • Any shipment that may cause damage or delay to other shipments, to personnel or instruments
  • Corrosive materials (e.g. wet cell/car batteries, mercury, acids, battery fluids)
  • Infectious substances (e.g. insecticides, live virus materials)
  • Hazardous materials
  • Explosive materials (e.g gun powders, acetone, Aerosols, butane, Insecticide Gases )
  • Flammable liquid
  • Illegal goods (e.g. marijuana, drugs)
  • Live animals/insects (e.g. Snakes, Spider)
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Human corpses/Carcasses (dead species)
  • Human remains including ashes
  • Body parts and blood are considered dangerous goods.
  • Lottery or gambling devices (e.g. casino chips)
  • Any unidentified liquid (or no labels)
  • Anything with these labels or dangerous goods
  • Click here to see a complete list of Cargo Acceptance Restrictions and Prohibited Items.

    What are the Serviceable areas?

    Serviceable areas can be found here.

    Where can I get parcel packaging for my deliveries?

    You may get in touch with our product specialists to request packaging. 

    Download our Supplies Request Form through this link.

    Need more help?

    For more information and assistance, please send an email to support@prosperna.com.

    Happy Selling!

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