Managing Your Store Domain Name
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Prosperna Free plan accounts come with a free subdomain that allows you to have your own store URL. To make it even more personalized, you can get a unique store domain as a web address. You can acquire a personalized domain through a third-party provider, and that's where you can manage your settings, pay a subscription, and maintain and renew your domain account.

Why is it important? Changing your domain customizes your URL, so when someone enters your web address on a browser, this leads to your Prosperna website/online store.

Skill Level: Beginner | Advanced | Expert 

How long does it take to do? 10 minutes (setup)


  1. For merchants who previously owned a website or a domain, it is still possible to use an existing domain on a new online store.
  2. Third-party domain providers - if you own a domain from one of the following providers, then click the link to get specific instructions for connecting your domain:
    1. Bluehost
    3. Enom
    4. GoDaddy
    5. Google Domains
    6. Namecheap
    7. Network Solutions
    8. Hostgator


  1. Under Settings, go to Store
  2. Select subdomain or connect domain
  3. Click Save
  4. Go to your domain provider's dashboard then look for CNAME DNS record
  5. Create a new “CNAME” record.
  6. Input these values and click “SAVE”. Hostname: www
Note: Unexpected behavior can occur if you use third-party proxies. Prosperna is not responsible for any loss of information.
You won't be able to access your Prosperna site until the domain change in the third-party domain provider is set.

Steps to Change Store Domain

1. Under Settings, go to Store.

2. Select whether to use a subdomain or connect your own domain. 

  • For a subdomain, simply type your preferred name.

  • For custom domains, type the text on the field.Make sure to add "https://www." at the beginning of your own domain. This is only available in paid plans.

3. Click Save.

4. Go to your domain provider's dashboard then look for CNAME DNS record.

the settings.

5. Create a new “CNAME” record.

6. Input these values and click “SAVE”. Hostname: www


TTL: 3600 (or default)


After completing all these steps, please message your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or (if you don't have assigned CSM) and wait for 24 - 72 Hours for the custom domain to take effect on your store.

For more information, check this link: Managing Your Store Domain - Next Steps

Common Errors

There are common errors when setting up custom domains.

  • Error 500 when clicking the products on the homepage. To fix it, you have to go back to your page builder and reselect the products, specifically in the Bestsellers section.

Need more help?

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