Release Notes (September 2023) - Lazada Integration
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What's New In Prosperna (September 2023)


Lazada Integration

🌟 Unleash the Power of Seamless Integration: Prosperna Online Store now connects with Lazada, a pioneer in Southeast Asia's online marketplace scene. 🛒💫

Discover the A-W-E-S-O-M-E features awaiting you! 🌟

1️⃣ Effortless Publishing: Showcase your current physical product lineup from Prosperna directly onto your Lazada Seller Account. 

2️⃣ Real-Time Inventory Harmony: Prosperna and Lazada collaborate to ensure your product counts stay in harmony, updating in real time across both platforms.

3️⃣ Simplified Product Updates: Tackle product updates in one central hub, and see changes smoothly sync between Prosperna and Lazada. 

4️⃣ Swift Unpublishing: Unpublish products across platforms with a single click, streamlining your management experience. 🛠️

Empower your online selling journey like never before. Seamlessly integrate, expand your reach, and conquer the e-commerce arena with Prosperna and Lazada by your side. Let's create online selling success! 🚀 #ProsperWithLazada #ExpandYourHorizons 💻

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