Activating Order Scheduling in J&T
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Feature Availability:  PRO and PREMIUM

Delivery is an essential part of having a business. We aim to give our merchants avenues to be able to deliver their customers orders

Why is it important? It allows customers to choose delivery dates for individual orders, offering flexibility for each purchase. 

Skill Level:  Beginner | Advanced | Expert

How long does it take to do? 5 Minutes


  1. Pickup Address
  2. myPay activated account
  3. Upgraded Plan to Pro or Premium


  1. Go to Shipping
  2. Go to J&T, Click Manage
  3. Toggle On Order Scheduling
  4. Click Save

Steps to Activate Order Scheduling in  J&T

1. Go to Shipping

On the Left Side, click Settings, then click Shipping

2.Go to J&T, Click Manage

3.Toggle On Order Scheduling


4. Click Save

RESULTS: Now your customers can use order scheduling in J&T


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