Release Notes (February 2023)
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What's New In Prosperna (February 2023)


  • Additional Fee (Plus, Pro, Premium Plan)

Use this feature when you want to add additional fees to your customer's order for things like payment gateway or credit card fee, special handling fees, and other miscellaneous fees.

  • Convenience Fee

By understanding how convenience fees work, merchants can decide how they want convenience fees to be applied. By using the Convenience Fee Splitter feature, merchants can control who pays for convenience fees.

Click HERE to learn more about how to use the convenience fee calculator.


  • Remove Mobile Registration Option

The Sign Up and Log In using mobile number are no longer available on the new Prosperna platform.

  • Create Product and Variant Validation

This prevents merchants from exceeding their allowed featured product image to be uploaded.

  • Fix the Upload your Personal ID during the KYB Process

If the user selects "Primary ID" then the user IS ALLOWED TO submit just 1 type of ID from the selected list.

  • Product Variant Display

Customers will only be able to choose existing items.

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